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HTML5 Development

HTML5 is fast emerging as a promising platform, which is power-packed with a comprehensive set of API and technologies to develop intrinsic mobile and web applications supported across multiple platforms and browsers that enrich the user experience. It seamlessly supports high definition multimedia content like animation, games, movies, etc., helping in developing applications with special effects and graphics. At the same time, HTML5 increases overall performance and speed of the applications with quick interactions and responses.

HTML5 is a combination of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript that helps the designers in building excellent and eye-catching websites and applications that are consistent across multiple browsers. It is cross-platform in nature, and supports mobile app development for different browsers. Games developed in HTML5 also features rich animation and videos, and supports offline playing and local storage. Considered one of the best choices for application development, HTML5 comes with many new standards and features that improve its efficiency.

Benefits of HTML5 Development with SolutionCube

SolutionCube, a leading applications development company, provides core HTML5 services in designing intuitive and highly engaging applications. We power your existing applications with exclusive HTML5 features like drag and drop editing, geo-location services, diagrams, charts, multimedia components, and much more. Our HTML5 development services help in structuring the content and presenting it impressively on the web. We have a team of expert professionals who are exceptionally tech savvy and provide the best results under any level of complexities. At the same time, we are constantly updating our knowledge with changing technologies, providing only the best HTML5 application development services.

The advantages of HTML5 development with SolutionCube are:

  • Enhanced context menus
  • Consistent code across different browsers, platforms, and devices
  • Plug-ins Supportive on all mobile browsers
  • Supportive for rich multimedia contents and animations
  • Advanced client-server communication channel
  • Best format support for publishing e-books
  • Geo-location services
  • Huge storage capacity
  • Offline storage capabilities
  • Use of advanced UI components

 Our HTML5 Services

At SolutionCube, we offer a wide range of HTML5 services that include:

  • Feature-rich mobile apps development
  • Experience in developing excellent web sites with HTML5
  • Game development
  • Develop highly organized and structured HTML5 sites
  • Best web browsing and user navigation with HTML5 development
  • Rich and complex video file handling
  • Clear drag and drop options
  • Customized development service
  • Explore HTML5 to include complex graphics and animation
  • Include geo-location services in your application
  • Reduce development cost

Why SolutionCube is your Best Choice?

HTML5 development is fast emerging as a growing trend in game, web, and mobile development niche. Only few companies who have skilled experience as SolutionCube can successfully grasp the advanced HTML version, delivering the best platform for intuitive and smart website and application development. Our core HTML5 web development services empower us to accomplish even the most complex project in a cost-effective and professional manner, with quick turnaround time.