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AJAX Development

AJAX applications developed by our team have transformed businesses by:

  • helping them deliver rich media content faster w/ min. bandwidth usage
  • delivering rich user experiences without technical overheads
  • better ROI, customer loyalty and retention

AJAX offers an evolved platform for RIA development that helps websites deliver interactive and improved user experience. AJAX includes a combination of technologies (JavaScript, XML and more) built on top of platforms like PHP, ASP.NET, Java and others to dynamically display and interact with the information presented.

AJAX Development Services

SolutionCube houses a team of AJAX developers trained in developing rich interactive applications for customers by merging database driven, server side functionality with the usability of client side applications. Our team has extensive experience in developing AJAX-based web applications that includes RIAs, social networking apps, enterprise applications etc...

Our team is experienced in AJAX application development for enterprise and consumer solutions like:

  • AJAX Mashups - An AJAX-powered Mashup container application provides a framework for the components to communicate with each other or across sites through proxy services. We can develop AJAX components seen on social networking applications like widgets etc. that can be easily discovered and integrated by users.
  • AJAX Dashboards - AJAX can be used to create compelling user-interface for ecommerce or corporate information dashboards. AJAX goes well with ASP.NET or PHP in the backend to provide data to both data grids and charts also enabling the user to sort the information using different criteria.
  • User interactions using AJAX - The ASP.NET AJAX combination assists the development of updates and notification functions that involve periodic requests to database for changes something like live comments sidebars. Mostly, the updates & notifications are displayed in a pop-up to catch the users' attention in real-time from any source.
  • Web Forms and Validations - With the use of AJAX, web forms in PHP or ASP.NET can be made as user friendly as possible with client side validations. Whether its signup or contact forms or collateral such as surveys, quizzes, and feedback forms etc. AJAX offers great potential is contributing to the overall user experience.
  • Instant Messaging and Chat - Onsite IM systems are best implemented using AJAX which is very useful when your users constantly communicate with each other and alleviates the need for private message exchange. A potential factor for improving site interaction it increases the possibility of more clicks, views or sales.
  • Collaborative GUI using AJAX - AJAX complements in the development of collaborative & editing tools like online whiteboards, image or video editing tools. Users separated by distance can collaborate on various tasks on an interface which can be easily created using AJAX.
  • AJAX on high-end mobile devices - Just like Web, AJAX adds to the user experience on mobile devices too. AJAX applications counter high network latency and other cache sizes and browser issues.

Cloud computing and Enterprise 2.0 AJAX applications

AJAX has been widely used in Web 2.0 context and user interface designs and off late there has been a shift from popular Adobe Flex and Flash Actionscript technologies to AJAX for RIA development. The change is profound in enterprise application environments that are Cloud-based. As more applications tune-in to the SaaS/Cloud environments AJAX is fast moving to be the preferred technology for both developers and online businesses.

The RIA development team at SolutionCube can help with AJAX and related technologies using different AJAX frameworks for your unique requirements:

  • XML and XSLT for data interchange and manipulation
  • CSS for presentation and XForms
  • DOM for dynamic display and interaction with data
  • jQuery
  • Frameworks UI - JSON, JavaScript MVC